Vi vill röra om i hästvärlden och skapa meningsfulla produkter för hästälskare, med fokus på design, produktion och material.



Get the Gallop grundades av tre kvinnor, Lisen Bratt Fredricson, Caroline Kanekrans and Louise Hamilton, som en dag bestämde sig för att gå samman och skapa Get the Gallop.

Lisen Bratt Fredricson has made a stamp on Swedish show jumping not just through her two Olympics, several Grand Prix wins, Falsterbo Derby win, Swedish Championship titles and so on, but also through being an avid entrepreneur having founded events and companies such as the Swedish Riders Award (Ryttargalan), Swedish Select Horse Sales and Elmia Scandinavian Horse Show. She was also voted Athlete Role Model by the International Olympic Committee in 2010. We’re impressed. And she’s married to three time Olympian,  Olympic medallist, European Champion Peder Fredricson. Not that we’re star struck or anything.

Caroline Kanekrans. Also a horse lover and rider. Having grown up with more horses and dogs than she can count, the stable and kennels gave her a good foundation for life as an entrepreneur. At 19 she started her first business. Since then she’s been working in various industries including fashion, interiors, advertising and communication, either running her own businesses or working at nice companies such as Mother London and Dubarry of Ireland. With roles within Wholesale, Business Development, PR and Brand Marketing she’s gained experience from different fields and areas.

Louise Hamilton. Our Art Director, Web-pro and Digi-everything! She’s the only one of us not riding, but with three daughters and being a partner in this horsey business we’re not too worried. Her career in advertising has taken her all over the world, working at some of the top names in Advertising and Digital Communication. She also co-founded an art gallery and one of the first webshops in Sweden to sell first-hand art online. From art to horses – not as big a leap as you might think!

In 2020 the founding trio was joined by another horse girl and power woman, Anna Axenbjer. Anna is a partner and Head of Production at Get the Gallop and apart from being a kick ass buyer and product developer, she’s also got her eyes set on building the Get the Gallop brand and making sure it’s done in a sustainable way.


Horse girls: Caroline Kanekrans, Anna Axenbjer, Louise Hamilton and Lisen Bratt Fredricson

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